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What does "defrazuscompagnie" stands for?


When I retired at the age of sixty (already 8 years ago), I needed a new challenge, not that I was bored, I had more hobbies than I could handle, but I guess I wanted to prove myself. I decided to build a website. I found on Seniorennet a course ‘how to build a HTML-website’. My interest was born. I started to search for lecture of HTML and found the book “Basiscursus XHTML, CSS en JavaScript” by Peter Kassenaar and Peter Doolaard. A great book to start. I was hooked.     

Later on the problem started to delegate certain parts of the website, which is difficult when the persons involved have no knowledge of HTML and CSS. So I decided to search for CMS and in the end my choice was Drupal. I followed these courses at CVO Turnhout.

The name of my first website was a combination of ‘Frazus’ and ‘Company’. Frazus is again a combination of two names; ‘Frans’ and ‘Zus’. Company relates to my children, grandchildren, family and people who I like to spend my time with. According to the dictionary (‘de Dikke van Dalen’) company means a group of people (or even a military unit), therefore, I choose the name ‘deFrazusCompagnie’. This website was developed with Drupal. My first website deFrazusCompagnie, written in XHTML, will be online within a few months as a sub-website. But I have to change it first to HTML5.

I do not know, or even can foresee, were this hobby might lead me. At this moment its already bigger than I anticipated.    

I love the phrase ‘age is no guarantee for wisdom’. I want to follow that idea and learn every day.      

Anyway, thanks for visiting my site